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Underground water supply points with the option of a water company meter.

The water supply unit provides a temporary water delivery system via an underground housing. 

The water company's meter is located at the bottom of the housing and is naturally protected against frost.

A specially designed protective plate in the housing provides the meter with additional protection against frost and soiling.

The retractable tap support also allows the water meter to be raised above the housing for maintenance or to read the meter.

The water tap is easy to open. Once the cover is open the small outlet valve it houses can be opened.
The water tap can now be used in two different ways. For one-day use the taps can be raised above ground level using a retractable tap support.
The cover can then be closed, sealing the ground surface while leaving the taps accessible.

For use over an extended period the taps can be left in the housing. Once the water hoses are connected the cover can be closed.
The hoses can easily be led to the outside via the outlet flap, so that the ground surface remains sealed and free of obstructions.


Stainless steel housing with a special surface treatment (powder coating).
External dimensions l x b x d = ca. 616 x 466 x 1113mm.
The housing includes a self-closing hinged cover.
Covers can be supplied in matt blasted stainless steel, or ready for the application of surfacing materials. The cover is opened with an 8 mm square key.
The cover is self-locking. The maximal loading on the cover is 12.5 kN in accordance with EN124 B125.

Fitted to the inside of the cover:

  • 1 clamp for the water meter, supplied by the water company.

  • The water meter will be installed and connected by the water company.

  • Suitable for Qn 1.5 or 2.5 connection.

  • Virtually all the hydraulic components used are KIWA approved.

  • Supplied as standard with 5 no. ball valve taps.

  • Stainless steel plate to protect against water and frost.

  • The entire installation is mounted on a retractable stainless steel frame.

  • Can be connected to the sewer (rainwater drainage).


  • Dimensions (l x w x d): approx 616 x 466 x 1113 mm.

  • Covers can be supplied in matt blasted stainless steel, or ready for the application of surfacing materials.

  • Maximal load on cover: 12.5 tonnes in accordance with standard EN 124-B125.

  • Complies with NEN1006 for mains water installations.

  • Suitable for water company water meter.

  • The housing is manufactured in 304 stainless steel.

  • The cover is provided with a gas spring.

  • It features a square lock.

  • The housing is watertight and no connection to the sewer is required, however this is provided for use if required.

  • 5 no. 1/2" taps are provided.

  • Suitable for additional outgoing water supply.

Installation is entirely internal.
Can be connected to rainwater drainage system.


12 month guarantee on housing and components following delivery.

The housings are manufactured by BeNed BVBA.